Charlie Civility Cone Eason, Alberta Cora Eason Blanton, Mary Ann Blanton Edwards and me, Kimberly Ann Edwards Wilbanks. My Great-Grandmother, my Grandmother, my Mother and myself all have something in common. Each one of us were married at the age of 23! My Great-Grandmother was born September 28, 1885 in Eason Crossing, Georgia. She married … More 23

Music in the Morning

I often wake up in the morning with a song “playing” in my mind.  It can be anything from an old hymn I’ve known since my childhood or the latest contemporary Christian tune.  One morning last week the song of the morning was “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus” (Text and Music by Helen H. Lemmel).   … More Music in the Morning

A Dream, A Gift

I am a dreamer.  I don’t mean that I while away my days in aimless thought.  Rather, I experience a nocturnal adventure in my mind most every night!  I think I may have inherited this trait from my Grandmother.  She was a dreamer too and according to some folkloric advice, taught me to never share … More A Dream, A Gift