Chasing Lola

Have you ever had a weekend you just did not want to see end?  I did, this past weekend!

My husband and I spent a glorious weekend with some cousins and friends on the coast of south Georgia.  It was a little over 48 hours of pure bliss, the biggest decision we had to make was which swimsuit to wear!

My cousin had the good fortune of acquiring the use of a 5-bedroom beach “cottage” for 4 nights in a silent auction.  We had the good fortune of being the recipients of a kind invitation to join them.  Another couple, long-time friends of my cousin were guests as well.  Two younger couples, the daughters and sons-in-law of my cousins and their friends, added a youthful zest to this carefree weekend.  And then there was Lola.

Lola was a precious little toddler who captured all of our hearts.  We watched her play in the pool and at the shore.  She had a smile a mile wide and thoroughly enjoyed all that she did.

Someone asked her daddy how he stayed in such good shape.  His reply:

“by chasing Lola”.

How blessed, the life of a toddler at the beach.  Ten grown-ups to dig in the sand with you, to catch you when you jump in the pool, to have a tea-party with you, to hold your hand as you go for a walk.  To simply enjoy “being”, resting in the confidence that you are loved and cared for, (even in the process of being reprimanded).  To be totally unaffected by the turmoil going on in the world around you.

We all loathed to see our time on the island end but some had to go back to work, another to school and the rest of us to the general responsibilities that make up our lives.  There were hugs and wishes for safe travels and cries of “we should do this again . . . every year”!  It was a magical snippet of time, when we didn’t have to worry about the things that make us worry  . . illness, jobs, final exams, wedding planning.  We could simply enjoy chasing Lola.

4 thoughts on “Chasing Lola

  1. Your blogs always make me smile! I know exactly what you mean. After being here in Colorado for the birth of our newest granddaughter and spending the last week watching her change and grow so fast, leaving tomorrow will be very hard! There is such an innocence of a child. As she lays here sleeping on my lap and smiling, I thank God for the gift of a precious child.


  2. Just now got around to visiting your blog again. Your words captured the essence of the week-end perfectly. The proud parents of Lola just received a three month old baby boy on Friday and plans are in the works for the twin brother to join the family soon. God is amazing and your blog rocks, Kim.


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