My Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day has come and gone.  All of the unsold cards have been inventoried and put away and the stores have replaced them with cards for the next holiday.   The florists are recovering from a busy weekend delivering flowers.  We celebrated our mothers and were doted upon as mothers ourselves.  Some avoided the day altogether – too painful.

I received a sweet card from my husband and a gift from my mother.  I enjoyed a Mother’s Day lunch with my husband, my mom and dad, my aunt and cousins visiting from out of town.  I enjoyed  phone calls from my two out-of-state children

But today is my Mother’s Day.  Actually, it is day 1 of “Mother’s Week”.

I am on what I have named  The Great Southeastern Road Trip.  My parents and I are spending the week visiting my  children, the eldest of their grandchildren.

Today, I got to see my girl and her sweet husband.  We all had a wonderful meal together at a quaint little restaurant called Chez Lulu.  It took some doing, but I was finally reunited with the flowers and card they had sent to the hotel to put in my room.  It seems they were delivered to the wrong room  and the hotel staff had to track them down.

In a few days, I will be with my boy and his girlfriend.  I haven’t seen them since Christmas.  I think this is the longest stretch of time that we have been apart.

I am reminded, it is not about the date on the calendar or the misplaced flowers or opened cards.  When you are spending time with the people you love, any day is a day to celebrate!IMG_3599

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