The Sisterhood of the Long-Distance Mommas

I know you.  You’re a lot like me.  I see you in the halls at church or at the grocery store.  I read your posts on Facebook.  I know the look in your eyes.  I understand the longing in your voice.  I identify with the ache in your heart.

You’re a mom but your babies are far from you. 

Some of your children live in a different state or country.  Some serve in the military or mission field.  Some are in Heaven.  They are in your heart if not in your home.

I share a familiar sentiment with you – “what did we do so wrong that our babes would fly so far from the nest?”

Here I Go baby birdMaybe we didn’t do anything wrong.  Maybe we just happened to raise independent offspring who followed God’s leading to a far away land.

I don’t begrudge my own offspring of that.  Who am I to stand in the way of their God-given dreams?

Like you, I wish I could meet my daughter for coffee on a random afternoon or invite my son over for a home-cooked meal after a long day of work.  I so miss the day to day interaction with these two whom I love so much.

I envy the moms who are able to do so.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for them, but if I’m honest, there is a little envy.

It is a different season of life for us.  We wait patiently for the phone calls or text messages.  We pray without ceasing for the lives of our children.  Are they safe?  Are they following in the way they were brought up?  We plan visits, eagerly awaiting them and mourning when they end.  We have the drive to the airport memorized. 

I know you.  We are sisters. 

The sisterhood of the long-distance mommas.

7 thoughts on “The Sisterhood of the Long-Distance Mommas

  1. Wow, can I relate!! Great blog! Both my boys are in Texas and I miss them like crazy. But the desire of my heart is the same as yours….that my strong, independent boys will follow Jesus whenever He leads them.


  2. I can understand what you are saying. My son lives close by, so I see him almost daily. But my daughter lives a couple hours away. We see each other when we can. I have to not worry about her, because I’d go crazy! Ha. She is a “burn boss”. She does prescribed burns for the state, in charge of more than a couple counties. And when smoke rises from Green Swamp, I know she might be there helping with a burn for another burn boss. She knows God and helps lead the singing at her church, but yes, a mother worries. With her just hours away, I still feel our visits are too far between or too brief when she gets the chance to meet up with me.


  3. I loved reading this, although I did year up a little We have four adult children who live close by and our baby ( in his last monrhs as a teenager) is studying half way across the world. Most of the time I’m OK but every now and then I miss him so much my heart stops for a minute. Same desire and prayer as you – that he would be a strong independent and resident follower of Christ as he follows his dreams.


    1. I’m glad you enjoyed my post. I know exactly what you mean. I’m fine most of the time but something as simple as hearing a song brings on the sadness. A couple of weeks ago I walked into a JC Penney at the mall and the sight of all the school uniforms caused me to tear up! I wonder if it ever gets easier.


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