I Simply Want to Hear Your Voice

Do you remember that advertising campaign that was so popular a few years ago?  The bespectacled man walked around with his cell phone searching for a spot where he could get good reception, all the while saying,  “Can you hear me now?” The man in the commercial had trouble communicating.  I can relate.

My cell phone service is fine.  The problem is my phone is not ringing enough.  At least, not as much as I would like.telephone-310544_1280

You see, I long to communicate more with my grown offspring.  They text little snippets of conversation from time to time but, I would really like to hear their voices.  I would like to hear the nuances of excitement, frustration, happiness, or worry you don’t get from a text message.

The dilemma is that I don’t want to have to tell them.  I want them to communicate with me simply because they want to; not because I nagged them or because they feel obligated or duty-bound.  They are interesting people and I’m curious about their lives.  Besides, I’m their mom and I love them.  I wish they would get that and respond accordingly.

As I stewed over this, it occurred to me that perhaps God feels the same way.  We are his beloved children and He desires to communicate with us.  I would imagine that He wants us to come to Him because we love Him, not because it is something we feel obligated to do — another box to check off in our proverbial to-do list.  I think he wants more than for us to just squeeze Him in with a spare minute or two between tasks.

No, I believe He wants us to slow down, sit a spell and pour out our hearts to Him.  He’s God, so He knows what’s troubling us or making us joyful, the things for which we are thankful.  But, He wants to hear it from us.qowA

Kind of like my two.  I know they love me as I love them.  It would just be nice to hear from them a little more often.  

I know that will probably come in time.  While I am waiting, I will make a better effort to spend more time in deep conversation with God.  After all, if that’s what I want from my children, how much more does my Abba, Father desire that from me?

Hear my prayer, God. Listen to the words of my mouth. Psalm 54:2

9 thoughts on “I Simply Want to Hear Your Voice

  1. Love this!❤️ So true in every way. When Curtis calls from NY, Tom and stop everything and sit down to listen. We try to let him just tell us what’s new in his life or what’s aggravating him or how his knee is doing. It doesn’t matter, just talk. We have told him many times thanks for calling, we love to hear your voice.
    I love having Kerry so close and I don’t take it for granted. We talk or see each other almost daily.
    But I have thought about it many times concerning how God must feel and I truly do love talking to Him but it’s probably not as much as He would want or desire . So thanks for the sweet reminder dear friend.
    Love your writing and perspective,

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  2. Kim…as usual you have spoken straight from the heart in a most transparent way and applied it to our spiritual lives. Very well said and most thought provoking. It made me ponder…do I call my Jesus only when I have a need for my family or a dear friend? I agree we need to let our creator just hear our voice say, “I love you and you are first in my life even when I don’t always take the time to tell you or show you.” As far as those adult children…I saw a huge change when they had children of their own. I hope that brings hope but there is something about becoming a parent that forces us to become more appreciative of people and things we used to take for granted. I so remember when my daughter, Jessica, became a mom and explained to me before Kaylee was born that she and Randy wanted to bond with their new little one and they would call me if needed. As I assured her that was a wonderful idea, I knew two things…I would get a good night’s sleep but she and Randy might not! The “call” for help came about midnight their first night home while bonding and again…personal experience is the best teacher!

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  3. Great post, Kim! I love this analogy that God wants to hear from us more, too–that we need to give Him more than just the snippets of time I manage to fit in here and there. Very convicting. Thanks!

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  4. Prayer can just be a running dialogue with God all day, can’t it? I know I often talk to myself, so could be intentional to talk to God instead! And so true we miss all the nuances and even needed communication cues with text conversations. To stay connected well is to really connect beyond letters on a screen. I’m blessed that my kids live pretty close to me so can have experiences together on a regular basis!

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