With, It’s A Powerful Word

Last night, I dreamt of castles and palaces, of kings and queens, earls and ladies.  I visited lochs, glens, islands and mountains in my midnight slumber.  The vivid colors of purple heather, blue water, green fields dotted with snow-white sheep and a kaleidoscope of flowers filled my mind.  I could hear the faint drone of the pipes and the brogue of the Scottish natives.


Scotland, bonny Scotland — a magical place.  After all, their national animal is the unicorn  and stories of fairies abound in the Highlands.

It is a land of extreme beauty; from the fertile farmlands of the East, to the Highlands, to the beaches and coastline, to the wild remoteness of the Western Islands; truly one of the most stunning places in God’s creation.

My husband and I just returned from a two-week tour of this awe-inspiring country with our daughter and son-in-law.  It was a spectacular trip and we made enough memories to last a lifetime, certainly enough to get me through the next three months until my girl comes back to the states. 

Our trip was so enjoyable.  We saw a lot of Scotland, venturing out past Edinburgh and the golf courses.  We had an excellent guide to show us around. But, the best part of the trip was being with our daughter and son-in-law, sharing the experience with them. 

I downloaded the book Everybody Always by Bob Goff to read on my iPad during the trip.  One of the chapters summed it up so well for me.  I think I actually said, “Yes!” out loud.

Chapter Six, Skydiving, begins with the statement “God was with us so we’d be with each other”.  He describes learning how to skydive simply because it was something his son loved to do.  I loved this paragraph:

“I have been watching Adam for his whole life.  I know all about Adam, and he knows quite a bit about me.  Still, there’s a big difference between knowing what someone’s doing and being with them while they do it.  God knew we’d know the difference too.  This has been the easiest way for me to understand one reason that God sent Jesus to us.  He wasn’t sent because God was mad at us.  He jumped out of heaven and came as Immanuel because He wanted to be God with us.”

My daughter and son-in-law have lived in Scotland for the past year.  We have texted, called and FaceTimed each other over the past months.  (I’m always amused when we talk while she is walking somewhere and I hear bagpipes in the background.) I have seen the photos she has posted on social media so I know about what she’s been doing but it’s not the same as being with her. To experience time with her far exceeds any pleasure from a call, text or even FaceTime.

I think God uses our relationships, the parent/child relationship for example, to reveal truths about Himself and his love for us.  Bob Goff’s story in Everybody Always reminded me of that.  I know about my daughter but I treasure the time I get to spend with her.  Isn’t it amazing to know that we have a God who loves us so much He wants to be with us.

With — it’s a powerful word.

10 thoughts on “With, It’s A Powerful Word

  1. Kim, I love this post and all your beautiful photos—makes me feel like I’ve been there! I love the name of Christ, Emmanuel—God with us. I once heard a pastor ask this question, “What would a girl, just like you, do in a situation just like the one you are in, if she was absolutely certain that God was with her?” That question always helps me to have a sense of peace, knowing that He is always with me. Many blessings to you ❤️

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  2. The pictures and tales of your trip are beautiful! There is nothing like being with family or close friends we love. Our children are only on loan to us from God, but he actually created us to be his children. Thank you for reminding us how much he desires to be beside us everyday until he brings us home.


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