Lessons Learned From Walking The Dog

I have a confession to make.  My nest is not truly empty.   There is one small creature who inhabits our home and our hearts. His name is Higgins and he is our almost decade old Pembroke Welsh Corgi.


Higgins was my daughter’s dog, a Christmas gift during her fifteenth year (after she finally wore her dad down).  But, as often occurs, she became a busy teenager and then went off to college.  She fell in love with her college town (and a certain young man in that town) and there she stayed.

Oh, Higgins is very excited to see her when she comes home, jumping and wagging what little bit of a tail he has.  He follows her around like the puppy he used to be but we all know to whom he really belongs.

He’s my baby . . . ok, my husband’s too.

I take Higgins for a walk each morning, weather and schedule permitting.  We walk about half a mile to my parents’ house where he gets a treat and then back home.  Higgins takes care of his “business” and spends the rest of the time sniffing the route for interesting new smells or looking for his friends Sassy, Jaxey, Molly and “the girls”.  If its a good day, Miss Brenda will pass by and give him a treat or the lawn service man will scratch him behind the ears.  If it’s a really good day, he will get to see the garbage truck with the nice men who always give him a friendly greeting.

Me . . . I mostly think while we walk.

There are times when, as we are walking along, Higgins will decide that he wants to go back in the other direction.  He will abruptly turn and head back from whence he came.  I have to remind him of the goal – the yummy treats at Mom-Mom and Dad-Dad’s house.

There are other times when he decides he wants to linger right where he is.  He braces his stubby little legs and gives me “the look.”  Stubborn dog!

Other times he will see something up ahead that he really wants and he will strain on his leash.  When that happens, it looks more like the dog walking the human than the human walking the dog.

The most pleasant walks are when Higgins walks close by me, eyes looking forward, tongue hanging out and that infectious corgi grin.  Side by side but with me taking the lead.  “This way, Higgins!”

It reminds me of my walk with God.  So many times I am content with where I am or wanting to go back to where I was.  I get distracted by this thing over here or that thing over there and God has to gently remind me of the prize that awaits if I follow him closely.

“Come on, Kim, let’s go this way!  I have something special for you.  Trust me!”

Sometimes I get ahead of God and plunge headlong into what I want to do without considering the plans he has for me.

“Slow down, wait on me.  Stop struggling against my lead.”

The best times in my walk with the Lord are when we are walking close, my eyes focused on what is ahead, allowing him to be a gentle guide.

Let your eyes look straight ahead.  Fix your gaze directly before you.  Make the path of your feet level.  Let all of your ways be established.  Don’t turn to the right hand nor to the left.  Remove your foot from evil.  

Proverbs 4:25(WEB)https://www.bible.com/bible/206/pro.4.web


8 thoughts on “Lessons Learned From Walking The Dog

  1. Love it, Kim. You drew a beautiful picture of just how God leads our lives…sometimes we obediently follow and sometimes we don’t..just like your morning walks with Higgins. The good news…no matter how the walk goes that day, as his master, you always love him unconditionally. Praise the Lord for those encouraging words..I needed that.


  2. I love this post, Kim. You had me walking with you and wanting to pet Higgins or give him a treat. What a beautiful comparison to our walk with God. Can you imagine how many times He would like to yank our leash and treat some sense into us. But like your patience and grace with Higgins, God shows compassion to us and never gives up. Keep writing, sweet friend. This one is wonderful!


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