Breaking Traditions

I have just done something I have never done  because I am going somewhere  I have never been.

I am that person who doesn’t put up Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving.  In my half-century or so of life, I have never, ever put up a Christmas decoration until the dishes from our Thanksgiving feast have been washed, dried and put away and all of the leftovers are stored in the fridge to be enjoyed later.  Then, and only then, will I turn on the Christmas carols and commence the decorating . . . with fervor.

This year is different

My husband and I are going to Africa three days after we return from spending the Thanksgiving holiday with our kids in Nashville and Birmingham.  Not enough time to pack for an overseas trip and decorate the house for Christmas.  We are going on a mission trip to Uganda with an organization called Orphan’s Heart.  Click here to find out more about Orphan’s Heart, including  mission trips you can go on or support and children around the world you can sponsor .  We will be traveling with dear friends from the Florida Baptist Children’s Home and our local church.

Even with all of the turmoil going on in the world right now, I am not afraid.  I will be honest, I’m not looking forward to 21 hours of travel but I’m not worried about getting on a plane.  I’m more excited than fearful to go to Africa,  a new, unexpected destination for me.  What I am a little apprehensive about is doing a Bible story and crafts with 600-800 children.  Yikes!  I spent a few years leading Mission Friends for  3-year olds and we did plenty of crafts, but with 20 children at the most.  I’m having trouble wrapping my head around so many children.  I’m counting on God to get me through.  It will definitely be an adventure.

So, I did what I’ve never done.  I decorated my house for Christmas in the middle of November, well before Thanksgiving.  The only thing left to do is put up a live Christmas tree, which we will do when we return home.

It is the week before Thanksgiving, and I can say, my home is ready for Christmas and my heart is ready for Africa.


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