Between Seasons

My favorite tree is between seasons.  It has a combination of bare branches, rose colored whirligigs and new green leaves.  It is not winter but not fully spring either.  In a few weeks all of the rosy seeds will be gone and replaced by an array of baby green leaves.  These leaves will eventually provide a summer shade for our patio.

Higgins, my Welsh Corgi,  will miss the pink whirligigs.  He likes to chase them as they spiral to the ground.  I noticed he was a little slower in chasing them this year.  He is ten years old after all.

I can relate to this tree in my yard, because, I too am in between seasons.  I’m not the “hands-on mom” that I was but I don’t feel that I have fully arrived in my next season. 


If you think about it, we are all in between seasons.  We never stay in one very long.  Life is always moving us along.   Sometimes we go with the flow, like my favorite tree.  But, sometimes we go kicking and screaming, wishing we could stay put.   We feel quite happy right where we are or we beg God to get us through the season – fast!

In Matthew 6:28-30, Jesus tells the multitudes to consider the flowers and the grass and see how they grow without toil or effort.  He compares their beauty to the splendor of King Solomon.  He gently reminds them that if their Father clothed these things in nature, which are here today and thrown away tomorrow,  how much more would He take care of them.  How much more would He take care of us?

Perhaps that is the message from my tree.  Take each season as it comes and rest easy in the knowledge that I have a heavenly Father who is looking after me.

How about you?  Are you in between seasons?  Are you content or anxious to move on to the next one? 

For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven:

Ecclesiastes 3:1

2 thoughts on “Between Seasons

  1. Absolutely! My seasons continue to change. I try take it in stride and know that this is my season for now. Who knows what the Lord has for me next. But I know He will give me peace , direction and provide me with what need.
    Thanks Kim,


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