An Anniversary Message For My Children

Your dad and I celebrated our 32nd anniversary today.  Thirty-two years together!  It sounds like a long time but the years have passed in a blur.  I can vividly remember the milestones – our wedding day, the day each of you were born, the day each of you left the nest and headed for college and a thousand other events scattered in between.  My mind is full of snapshots of good times and bad – a series of individual happenings that make up a life.

As I reflect on our marriage, I want to share some things with you, things that have helped us stay strong.  Dad and I hope that you will each experience the blessings and contentment that we have.

Enter into your marriage with the goal of going through your lives together.  Take “until death do us part” with the utmost earnestness.  You are entering into a covenant between you, your spouse and God.

Put each other first – even before children.

Find something you enjoy doing together and continue dating after the wedding.

Have a special place you can return to year after year.

Allow each other the freedom to spend time with friends pursuing things you enjoy.  Can you imagine me playing golf with Dad or him scrapbooking with me?  Don’t smother each other.

Be each other’s best friend.

Pursue the same goals.

We may not be the most demonstrative, but I hope you know we love each other deeply.  There’s something about living with someone for over a quarter of a century.  You share thoughts before they are spoken, finish each other’s sentences and can’t imagine not being together – which is good when it is just the two of you again in the empty nest.

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