Bypassing the Bagels

You really don’t need those bagels, you know.

That thought invaded my mind one morning this week.

I am often in a rush to get out of the house on Tuesday mornings since it is the meeting day for MOPS at my church.  Every few weeks I have the additional responsibility of providing a breakfast item which makes those mornings even more rushed.

On this particular Tuesday morning, I woke up before the alarm blared its rude warning. 

Good.  That will give me plenty of time to get ready, take care of the dog and make it to Panera to pick up some bagels.

I shuffled to the kitchen for a glass of orange juice and started the coffee.  On the way, I passed my desk and noticed my open Bible.

I should have time to read some this morning.

I took the dog out and got myself ready with plenty of time to spare.  I told my husband good-bye and headed out, walking right by my desk and my open Bible.

Uggghhh.  I didn’t get to read but I have to leave now to make it to Panera and to church on time.

I checked my purse to make sure I had all that I needed for the day. 

Rats!  I forgot my reading glasses.  I had to go back to my room to get them, passing the desk and the Bible again.

Ok, now I’m on my way.  But, wait, where are my sunglasses?

One more trip through the house to get my sunglasses.  And, yes, I walked by the desk and the Bible yet again.

I finally pulled out of my driveway and headed out.   I was cutting it close but thought I could make it.  I wasn’t even out of my neighborhood when I felt a still, small nudging.

You really don’t need those bagels.

It was true.  You see, I had some grocery store scones and bagels that I purchased the day before.  But, I wanted the fancy ones.

You can rush across town, wait in line to buy bagels and rush to church or you can go back home and spend some time with me.

Well, you know what I did.  I turned the car around, drove home, got my Bible off the desk and spent some time in the Word. 

I read a passage in the Old Testament where Joshua was reminding the Children of Israel that God had come through on all of the promises He made them.  The passage I read in the New Testament mirrored it in that Paul reminded the Jews, to whom he was speaking, that God had fulfilled His promise of Messiah to them in Jesus.  In the passage I read from the book of Job, he said that his steps were bathed in butter.  Butter?  That reminded me of the buttery casseroles we would enjoy later that morning.

I am glad that I acted on that gentle nudging in my spirit.  Returning home to read my Bible was the best way to start my busy day.  And you know what?  There was plenty of food and bagels to spare.

10 thoughts on “Bypassing the Bagels

  1. What a wonderful word! Nothing is more important than spending time in His Word….unless it is a cake donut from the Donut Hole….that takes some real discipline!😀 Seriously, though, one morning the Lord turned my car around 3 times to take me home.

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  2. I’m sitting here starving and reading your post! Went to a writer’s meeting without supper. (Had a nice time. Good writers in that group.) Came home, talked to husband. Called my mother for my “night check-in”. So, no supper, yet. Bagels, donuts? No fair. But wanted to say, I sat here at my desk the other day, stressing over “stuff” I haven’t accomplished this week. I started talking to God, trying to pour it all out, but felt I was hitting a wall. I tipped my head back and looked up at the wall. There hung a cross stitch picture I had done years ago. STAND
    Not the best example of the cross stitch message, but it says, “I under stand”. God spoke.

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    1. Oops! it didn’t work right. Let’s see….


      Probably won’t turn out the way I did it. Sorry. 😦 Ha. It’s late….I need to go get something to eat!

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