The De-Cluttering of a Nest

I have done a lot of letting go lately, metaphorically and literally.

The last few weeks have been a frenzy of de-cluttering and letting go of a plethora of stuff I have accumulated in the nearly 23 years I have resided in my home.  Rooms have been repurposed with the realization that my nest is most likely not going to be filled again, at least not any time soon.  The household items needed for a house with children – gone.

I did not take on this task  by myself.  By what I believe was a divine appointment, I met a professional organizer at a women’s event back in February.  I parked next to a car with one of those magnetic signs on the side advertising for Organize by Heart.  I snapped a picture for future reference but didn’t need to because the first person I met when I entered the event was the friendly owner of the car, Beth Voss.  We scheduled an appointment before the event was over.  Finally, someone to help me get rid of the clutter in my house so I could end my constant state of frustration.

Beth has become a coach, a cheerleader, a helper and a friend.  Her mantra of “Do you love it?  Does it bring you joy?  Can it live somewhere else?”  has helped me to let go of so many things cluttering my home.   She has helped me find better, more efficient ways to store things and different ways to freshen up a space.  It has been so helpful to see my home through different eyes.  The order developing in my house is having a calming effect on my life.

We started in my closet.  I let go of several bags of clothes that were too small, too worn or out of style.  I released shoes that I have not worn in years.  Beth even convinced me to let go of my high school prom dresses, circa 1977 and 1978.  I can use my packing table now that the piles have been removed.  My closet is no longer a source of stress.


We tackled the linen closet and the guest room closet next.  I took several comforters and quilts, some from my daughter’s dorm room decor, to the local children’s home.  We purged the closet of the sheets that did not fit any bed in my house.  After emptying the excess from the closets, Beth arranged them in a way more pleasing to the eye.

My small library was our next area to conquer.  I love books so I tend to over-collect.  We boxed up books that I was ready to pass on and books I would most likely never read.  They went to the library along with dozens of VHS children’s movies.

In the kitchen, I purged my shelves of cookbooks and kept only the ones I loved.  I won’t be able to try every recipe in the cookbooks I kept, much less the dozen or so that  Beth removed from my home.  Besides, in this age of technology, it is easier to look up a recipe on the internet.  I also let go of an overabundance of coffee mugs, glasses and dishes I did not need.  The result, streamlined shelves and cabinets.

Highlight the things you love

The biggest thing I released was a pool table.  It was well used when I had teens at home but lately it was more of a catch-all.  The movers removed the pool table and transported it to my church’s youth room where many more teens will enjoy it.  Once the room was vacated, Beth “shopped” my house and pulled various pieces of furniture together to create a cozy reading room – a room more befitting this empty nest mom.

We have a few more spaces to conquer, including my craft room and my husband’s office, but with Beth’s organizing skills, I am already enjoying my home more.  If you need help with home or business organization I would recommend you contact her or a professional organizer in your area.  You won’t be sorry.

Next week I will let you know what I absolutely could NOT let go of. 

2 thoughts on “The De-Cluttering of a Nest

  1. WOW! What a great post! I love everything about it…the name of the company, “Organize By Heart”…her 3 questions, “Do you love it? Does it bring you joy? Can it live somewhere else?”…and your incredible before-and-after photos! Can’t wait for the next installment! Many blessings to you sweet friend!


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