Impressions of North Carolina

For the beauty of the earth, For the glory of the skies

For the love which from our birth, Over and around us lies,

Lord of all to thee we raise, this our hymn of grateful praise.

For the beauty of each hour, Of the day and of the night,

Hill and vale, and tree, and flow’r, Sun and moon and stars of light,

Lord of all to thee we raise, this our hymn of grateful praise.

Folliott S. Pierpoint (1864)

Nature.  God’s creative creation.  That’s where my thoughts turned on a recent trip to the mountains of North Carolina.  Words are not necessary to convey the beauty of the North Carolina mountains in springtime.  Please enjoy these images.

Why are you anxious about clothing?  Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow.  They don’t toil, neither do they spin, yet I tell you that even Solomon in all his glory was not dressed like one of these.  Matthew 6:28-29 

As a native Floridian, I always enjoy visits to the mountains.  It is such a change of scenery.  Where do you visit that sets your mind to thinking of the amazing creativity of our God?

4 thoughts on “Impressions of North Carolina

  1. Hi Kim! Lovely meeting you at Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers conference. The photos are beautiful and are making me wish I was still there! God bless!


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