Children Are Amazing Arrows Soaring Into the World

I held the bow in my left hand.  With my right hand, I simultaneously gripped the arrow and pulled the string back as far as I could.  I squinted my eyes, zeroing in on the bullseye, the target.  I released the string, and with a twang, the arrow went sailing through the air – landing about three feet in front of me.

It was in my 10th grade P.E. class and once again I embarrassed myself with my lack of athleticism.  Oh well, at least I didn’t let a team down.  Thank goodness for individual sports like archery.

I am the most un-athletic person I know.  When I was young, unless one of my best friends was captain, I was usually among the last three picked for a team.  My natural reflex to any type of ball heading in my direction was to flinch and cover my face with  my hands.  I never learned tennis or golf, the games of women my age.

The only athletic activity I am remotely adept in is snow-skiing.  Go figure – I’m a native Floridian and lifelong resident of the snowless, mountainless state.  I’m not a proficient skier.  Just ask my husband, whom I have pushed off the chair-lift more than once; or my brother, who once skied backwards while holding my ski tips when I panicked at the top of a mountain; or that couple in Austria I plowed down as I tried to make a turn.  I’m thankful I couldn’t understand them as they were picking themselves up off the ground – I think it was something like “stupid American.”

So, you get the picture.  I am not athletic.  At. All.  I do well to walk my dog, although I once sprained my ankle doing that.  Considering this, I have one simple question.

If children are like arrows, how in the world did I manage to shoot mine off so far?


As arrows in the hand of a mighty man, so are the children of youth.

Psalms 127:4

2 thoughts on “Children Are Amazing Arrows Soaring Into the World

  1. I love this! You are so creative and talented in so many ways! So what if you aren’t very athletic. You are still an amazing woman of God and I’m proud to know you.
    Your somewhat athletic friend,


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