Mothers, Daughters, Showers and God

The clink of dainty spoons stirring in delicate teacups mingled with conversation and laughter in the quaint tearoom.  “May I pour you some tea?  One lump or two?”  We were there to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of a bride-to-be, the daughter of a dear friend.  A group of women, some friends and some family, gathered to shower the guest of honor with the things she and her groom would need to establish their household.

When the time came to open the gifts, there was playful teasing.  “Remember, the number of ribbons you break means you’ll have that many children!”  While the young bride-to-be carefully slid the ribbons off the beautifully wrapped packages, the mother of the bride and mother of the groom hoped she would break one or two.

It was a familiar scene.  A year ago I was the mother of the bride watching my own daughter’s excitement over the festivities meant for her.

As I drove home, my heart was full.  There is something deeply satisfying about seeing one’s daughter so blissfully happy.  That is how I felt a year ago and I suspected my friend felt the same.

I thought about the old wives’ tale about breaking the ribbons on wedding gifts.  Brides-to-be always take great care to keep the ribbon intact while their moms and future mothers-in-law secretly hope some will break.  Alas, no ribbons were broken at this gathering, but we know it’s just superstition.

I do hope my friend’s daughter will have babies someday, just as I hope my own daughter will.  It’s not just that I want grandchildren, which I do, but I want my daughter to grasp the depth of my love for her.  Isn’t that what we as moms all want?  For our children to realize how very much they are loved.  I don’t know if it happens to all new mothers, but I remember the first time I held my newborn babe – I had that “aha” moment of realizing how strong a mother’s love can be.  I want my girl to experience that.

I thought about God’s love for us through His son, Jesus.  I love my children deeply, probably more than they are aware, and I so desire for them to know and feel my love for them.  But, I am human, flawed.  How much more must our heavenly father, in his infinite love, desire the same for us, his children? 

And I pray, that you being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the Lord’s holy people, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ

Ephesians 3:17-18

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