London Called – We Went

Last week I told you about a “one day” trip I was taking to London.  I’ve been and returned home since.  It was a whirlwind of a trip but I’m so glad I went.  My friend and I packed a lot into 3 short days. click here to read

There were several “God winks” on our trip, things that happened to make us say “thank you, Lord”.

First, after traveling through the night, with little sleep, we were able to check into our spacious, hotel room well before the specified check-in time.  It felt good to freshen up, change clothes and brush our teeth before heading out on our grand adventure. 

After a few hours of exploring, we needed to find a ladies room.  We ducked into a doorway on the sidewalk and found ourselves in the most elegant little department store.  What a treasure!

Later, we left the show we were attending before it was over but ended up having a delightful stroll past Big Ben and along the Thames.  (Travel note – do not plan on attending a 3-hour show the first night you arrive overseas).

When we asked for directions to a store we wanted to visit, the next day, a kind lady said “follow me,  I’ll show you”.   We followed her and got a power walk in at the same time.

At the theater the second night, our last row in the highest balcony seats were upgraded to more reasonable seats on the ground level.  We were very excited when the usher directed us to row D, four rows from the stage.  The excitement came to an abrupt halt when the true occupants of those seats arrived with their tickets in hand.  Evidently, the usher misread the box office’s scribbled seat assignment.  We were supposed to be on row P.   Oh, well, it was still better than being in the nosebleed section.

Our main reason for traveling to London was to attend the Vintage Garden Party at Highclere Castle outside of London.  I was anxious concerning our travel to Highclere.  It required taking the tube to the train station, buying a ticket and getting on the correct train to the town of Newbury and then getting a cab to the castle.  I live in Florida where we drive cars everywhere.  I’m not accustomed to subways and trains.  We got to the train station, bought our tickets from the vending machine and made it to the train with time to spare.  I felt so accomplished.

It drizzled the entire time we were at the garden party but it did not bother us.  We were just tickled to be there.  We met the Countess and had our picture taken with her.  She was gracious and did not seem to be the least bit bothered by the gloomy day. 

We left London on a bright, sunny, Sunday morning.  When we stepped out of our hotel, the bells in the church on the other side of Trafalgar Square were pealing loudly.  It was a beautiful sound that brought tears to our eyes and reminded us to join in praise to our Father.

When we arrived by train at the airport, I noticed this sign along the corridor.  It was a good reminder of what this trip was about.  I hope to have many more adventures in this empty nest life of mine.

Sign at airport

4 thoughts on “London Called – We Went

  1. Kim, loved reading about your adventure. You know I’m a Brit, right? I lived in London for a long time before coming to the States. I pined for its streets for many years. It was fun to read about it from your perspective. At one point, I worked across the street from Fortum and Mason and would pop in to do a bit of shopping. I go to London next week – taking my twin boys to university.

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    1. Yes, I do and I’m a little envious! I look forward to meeting you in person one day. I would love to hear stories about living in London. My son spent a summer in London a few years ago. He had an internship at Citibank through the University of Alabama and then took a 3-week course at the London School of Economics. He loved it! My daughter spent a month there while she was in college as well. Me, I just keep trying to figure out ways to get back over there. (Let me know if you ever need a travel companion, ha ha).


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