Dear Liberal Media

Dear Liberal Media,

Thank you so much for bringing Donald Trump’s vile and disgusting remarks about women to light.  I appreciate your concern with his outrageous, inappropriate comments he made 11 years ago.  I agree with your reaction, as well as most of the country’s reaction, to his vulgar comments about women.  The adjectives streaming across our media are all true:  lewd, demeaning, sexist, inappropriate, offensive, and repugnant.  His objectification of women is appalling and as many have remarked “no one should ever talk about women in this way”.

That, liberal media, is why I am encouraged that you called Donald Trump out on his reprehensible behavior.  I am encouraged because this election will soon be over and you will be able to focus your outrage on other issues in our culture.  I am very curious to see what you will focus on first.

Will it be the movie industry?  Will you use your influence to clean up the movies?  You know, the ones that are so popular yet full of bathroom humor.  The ones whose mere previews cause me to blush?  Do they not objectify  and demean women?

Along those lines, how about the pornography industry?  Talk about objectifying women.  Will you use your influence to put an end to a vile industry that is destroying marriages and families at an alarming rate.

What about television?  Sure, there are a number of programs with strong female characters;  detectives, attorneys, doctors, businesswomen, etc.  But there are also programs where women are portrayed as bimbo, sex objects.  Are you going to call them out?   How about the reality t.v. shows and celebrity gossip shows?

Print media is on the decline with the popularity of the internet but you could do your part to clean up the magazines.  You know, the ones I see in the check-out line of the grocery store.  The ones that show me how to have a bikini-bod in 30 days or 10 things I should be doing to “please my man”.  Really?  Is that not objectifying?

Oh, and the music industry.  Yes, you should definitely focus on them as well.  The rappers, rock stars and even (gasp) country music stars whose lyrics sometimes require a warning label.  And you might want to take a look at the music videos that go along with them.  I don’t pretend to know a lot about music videos but some of the ones I have seen could be defined as, well, raunchy.

I hope you will be able to use your power and influence to help eliminate the scourge of sex trafficking which is rampant in our country.  Certainly, the atrocities being committed on these young women in the name of entertainment is worth your consideration.  Don’t you agree?

Once the election is over, you will look at all of these things, won’t you?  Because, if you don’t, you are the worst of the hypocrites.


A concerned (female) American

7 thoughts on “Dear Liberal Media

  1. Kim, great points made in that post! I hope many people read it and realize how bad this world is getting. We are whirling right into the face of awful things to come. But I know you will keep the thoughtful posts up front where people will read about things they sometimes don’t realize.


  2. I wish there was some way to make sure this is seen by “the liberal media!” Well thought out and articulated beautifully!


  3. Shout it from the rooftop sista!! Better yet forward it to any of the Fox syndicates and see if they have the guts to share it. Well done


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