Dear Mr. Webster

Dear Mr. Webster,

I would like to submit a new word for your consideration.


My friend, Christi and I think we may have invented this new word while we were on a trip to London and Highclere Castle last fall.  Friends following our adventures on social media made comments like “have fun” or “so happy for you” or even “so jealous”.  Now, we know that our friends were not truly jealous or envious of us, at least not in a malevolent sense. (We hope).

We discussed this the evening before our return to the states.  Christi has traveled extensively and has been immersed in many different cultures.  Other cultures or languages have a word that combines the concepts of envy and happiness occurring simultaneously.  We could not think of an adequate word in the English language to express this juxtaposition of emotions so we invented one.happyous-2

Here are some examples of the word used in a sentence:

I am so happyous that both of your sons were able to spend ten days at home over the Christmas holidays.

I am happyous that your daughter and her family moved into a home so near you.

The birth of your first grandchild makes me feel happyous.

We use this word when we are expressing happiness for another’s situation while we would like to be experiencing the same ourselves.

What do you think of our new word?  Does it have a chance?


Kim and Christi

3 thoughts on “Dear Mr. Webster

  1. Kim, I am so “happyous” you are an amazing writer! Did I use it right? Love it & I think you and Christi have hit on something here.


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