It’s Springtime in Florida

It’s springtime in Florida.  I know it’s only early March but spring has definitely sprung here.  One of my favorite signs of the season is the Tabebuia tree in my back yard.  The bare branches of winter are covered in a riot of bright yellow blooms, seemingly overnight. 

The tree is beautiful as are all of the other Tabebuia trees in the neighborhood and around town.  I wish it would always look like this.  Unfortunately, the bright yellow blossoms only last a week or two.  Almost as soon as you notice the blooms, they are falling off the tree creating a bright yellow carpet. 

We only get to enjoy them for a short time.

It’s kind of like that with our children.  They show up and our lives are bright, colorful and full of whimsy.  But it doesn’t last long.  Children have a way of growing up fast, too fast.

When my children were babies, one of the older saints at my church told me to be sure to enjoy them while they were young because they grow up  fast.  I didn’t believe her at the time.  (Now I do).  So all of you young mamas out there, enjoy your babies because before you know it, they’ll be grown!

And enjoy the Tabebuias while you can.  Soon they will be mature green trees. 

3 thoughts on “It’s Springtime in Florida

  1. Ahh, know what you mean. The same goes for grandchildren … they also grow up fast. It’s a “second chance” to do your best! 🙂

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