My Favorite Traveling Partner

I have a confession to make.  I love to travel.  This probably doesn’t come as a surprise to some of you — the ones who accuse me of never staying home.

When you live in an empty nest and that empty nest has not yet seen offspring of your offspring, you have the freedom to travel, to explore new places.

My first travel partner was probably my mom.  She loves to go.  We have had so many fun trips together. 

I enjoy traveling with my children and my extended family. We have seen so many interesting places.

Traveling with friends makes me happy.  Many of my travels were with friends, from London to the Amish country to my annual March Madness Trip with my fellow basketball hater.

My number one travel partner, though, is my husband.  Whether we are traveling to see our children, traveling across the country or traveling around the globe he’s my favorite! 

Today marks another journey — the journey through life.  It is a journey that we began together 33 years ago today!  We are celebrating by exploring the hill country of Texas.  And yes, we will be eating BBQ. 

Happy Anniversary Honey!  I’m so enjoying this journey with you!

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