Mothers & Daughters and Daughters & Mothers

I am the scattered, emotional one between two practical, pragmatic bookends.   Yet, my mother, my daughter and I are connected by an invisible thread that links us to each other and to the women before us and the women to come.  Over the years we have confounded, frustrated and exasperated each other but we have also loved each other deeply.  So, an early Happy Mother’s Day to my mom and to my daughter (and my son)  it is my greatest joy being your mom.

The picture of the four generations is one of my favorite pictures.  Things aren’t always what they seem though.  My grandmother and my mom were sitting on a bench.  My mom was holding my daughter.  I was standing behind them in a squat position while the photographer waited for baby girl to look at the camera.  I’m smiling on the outside but my legs were on fire!

My mom, daughter and I have always enjoyed doing things together from attending American girl fashion shows to taking trips together.  The picture in the middle of the bottom row was on a water taxi to the airport in Venice, Italy.  Most of our travels aren’t so far, like when we went to Birmingham to see Katelyn graduate from college.

This post is about mothers and daughters and the bond they share but I couldn’t leave my son out.  After all, as my firstborn, he was the first to call me Mom!

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