5 Mountain Meditations

I woke up this morning with a prayer of thanks on my lips; thankful for a decision my younger brother made around 30 years ago.  The decision?  My little brother, born and raised in Florida, decided to attend Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina.  That is when my family’s love affair with this neck of the woods began.

My parents bought a small condominium on a mountain in a neighboring town so they could visit him and also play some golf.  They were avid golfers at the time.  He ended up staying in the high country after graduation so my parents then built a log cabin half-way up another mountain.

We have so many memories in this place — ski trips before we had children, football trips with friends, trips with our children from the time they were babies.

We spent a lot of time here in the summers and at Thanksgiving when our children were in elementary school.  As they got older, they got busier so our trips to the mountains were few and far between.

Now that we live in an empty nest, my husband and I have the freedom to visit more often.  For the past few years, we have spent time in the mountains in the Spring, Summer and Fall.  (This Florida girl is not keen on spending the Winter in the cold).  We love each season and always look forward to coming to this beautiful part of the country.  Our grown children love to visit too and it’s always good to spend time with them, even if it is only for a long weekend.

What we don’t enjoy is leaving, which we must do in a couple of days.  Until next Spring, beautiful mountains!

Here are some of my favorite Bible verses about mountains for you to meditate on.

3 thoughts on “5 Mountain Meditations

  1. Beautifully written, and oh SO TRUE! We consider ourselves so lucky to have a place in the mountains now, and definitely consider it God’s country.
    We will be up for the Thanksgiving holidays, then between Christmas and New Years. How about you guys? Love to you and Jim XOXO


  2. Sweet sentiments. This area is so beautiful! I love going to the mountains and would like to go more.
    Miss see you in Tuesday’s but glad you’re still writing.
    Love you friend,

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