Christmas in the United Kingdom

For the first time in twenty-six years, our daughter will not be home for Christmas.  She and her husband are spending a little over a year in Edinburgh, Scotland while she works on her Masters degree.  Since she couldn’t come home for Christmas, my husband and I went to see her.

What a fabulous experience!  The four of us spent a little over a week playing tourist in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas.  We even took a quick trip to London on the train.  We saw Christmas like never before.   And unless one of our children decide to live abroad, we will probably not experience again.

Some things were similar like Christmas trees and colorful lights around the city. Others were different like carnival rides and holiday treats.  (We had to sample mince pie and Christmas pudding).

We had to say goodbye on the morning of Christmas Eve.  Our hearts were full of wonderful memories of time spent together.

Here are a few of our Christmas memories in the UK


Happy Christmas everyone!

5 thoughts on “Christmas in the United Kingdom

  1. Looks like a wonderful trip to Edinburgh. I think it’s really special at this time of year. How does you daughter enjoy living there? Hope you and your family are having a very merry Christmas Kim!

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