Daughters and Airports and Simple, Powerful Songs

There is a song that makes me think of my daughter ever time I hear it.  Every. Single. Time. It’s from one of those movies we watched over and over again during her pre-teen years. 

The 1998 film, The Parent Trap, had a catchy tune in it — There She Goes, by the English rock band, The La’s.  The group Sixpence None the Richer recorded the song as well.  This simple tune has a place in my heart because it makes me think of my girl.

My daughter got her first cell phone about a year before her driver’s license.  Along with her license came a streak of independence.  That’s when I chose “There She Goes”  as my ringtone for calls from her.  It remains so to this day.

That girl started going as soon as she got her wheels and she hasn’t stopped.  She loves to go, loves to explore new places.  I used to tell people that I could drop her off at the airport with a passport and a carryon, fully confident she could find her way anywhere in the world.  Now that she’s married, she has someone to join her on her adventures.

The two of them came home from Scotland, their current residence, for a brief visit recently.  It was great to be with them again.  (Four months is a long time to go without seeing your baby.)  We didn’t really do much — just enjoyed spending time together, especially with my parents.  But, as visits with loved ones go, it went by way too fast.

When I started feeling gloomy on the way to the airport — as gloomy as one can feel at five o’clock in the morning — they playfully reminded me of that great bit of wisdom from Dr. Seuss.Denim Dr. Seuss

We arrived at the airport, unloaded their bags and exchanged goodbyes and hugs.  As we parted ways, leaving them behind as we drove away, I smiled and started humming that tune.

There she goes again

There they go again

How about you?  Is there a particular song that reminds you of someone you love?  Have you made it your ringtone on your cell phone?  It’s great to have little reminders like that isn’t it?

2 thoughts on “Daughters and Airports and Simple, Powerful Songs

  1. Well Kim, since we have already established we have hatched from the same egg, I will tell you my millennial daughter has the same personality traits as yours. My daughter has always been “on the go”–an adventurer. And as you probably remember, I recently wrote a post about having to say good-bye to her after a visit with her for a week in her new home on the other side of the country. In short, I totally understand what you’re saying. And…thank you thank you thank you for the song! I remember it well from the Parent Trap and it suits my situation perfectly with my daughter!
    Here’s another song I used to sing: when my son and daughter were kids, if they were fighting or really misbehaving and angry about not getting their ways, I’d sing the Rolling Stones’ song: “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” I sang that lyric twice and didn’t finish the song. The kids got SO MAD!!!! These days, my daughter asks why I didn’t sing the whole verse, which ends this way: “But if you try sometimes, you get what you need.” I guess it wasn’t the point back then. 🙂

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    1. Isn’t it good to know there is at least one other person in the world who gets you! I wish I had thought of the Rolling Stones song when they were little. That’s hilarious!


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