Guest Blog: Four Tips To Beat Your Fears In Times Of Stillness And Change

When my children were young, we would often listen to audio books while we traveled.  One of our favorite books was The Farthest Away Mountain by Lynne Reid Banks.  We listened to it more than once.

Well, I’m the farthest away from home than ever– seven thousand, eight-hundred and eighteen miles to be exact.  Wow!  Before this trip to South Africa, the farthest away I had ever been was to Kotzebue, Alaska.

My husband and I are traveling with a team from Florida Baptist Children’s Home/One More Child.  Since I am going to be busy with ministry projects, please enjoy a guest post from earlier this week.  Author and blogger Jerusha Agen invited me guest post on her Fear Warrior blog.  Head on over to check out some things that have helped me deal with fear in the empty nest.  All you have to do is click HERE.4-tips-to-beat-anxiety-and-change (854x1280)

Next week, my impressions of South Africa.

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