On The Road Again: Seems Like Yesterday

The back of our SUV was packed from top to bottom, side to side.  There was not room for one more thing, not even a box of cereal. I’ve seen our car like this before. It was like revisiting the past.

The College Years

Both of our children attended college out of state in Alabama so we transported them and their stuff back and forth to Tuscaloosa and Birmingham twice a year for about six years.  It was our routine the years they spent in college.  We even held onto our big SUV longer than we personally needed in order to help them move their stuff.

It has been about five years since we have had to move anyone.  They both got settled into their new homes and lives after finishing college.  Part of me was happy to be out of the moving business but part of me missed it.  I missed the road trip, taking their things up to their dorm room or apartment.  I missed the trips to Publix and Target every time we helped them settle in for the year.  Honestly, I missed them being in college.

Another Move

So, five years after our last moving trip, we found ourselves with a carload again, heading north to Birmingham.  But this time, not for college.

Our daughter and son-in-law lived in Edinburgh, Scotland from August of 2017 to December of 2018.  They put most of their belongings in storage in Birmingham while they were gone but stored a few things at our house, including their small car.  We brought some of their stuff home with us from our trip to Edinburgh in August. Then, they shipped some stuff home.  When they got back to the states, they retrieved their cat and brought her to us to take care of while they visited family.  They were with us the last week of December.

It soon became obvious there was no way they were going to get all of their stuff from their time in Scotland, their Christmas gifts and a cat with all her paraphernalia into their Prius.  It wasn’t happening.

They packed as much as they could, excluding the cat, and made their way back to Birmingham, their second trip of the month.  A few days after the new year, our daughter flew home so she could drive back to Birmingham with us, most importantly to act as cat wrangler.

So that is how we ended up with a packed SUV heading to Birmingham Alabama.  Not to take our girl to college but to her new home.  It was similar to our other trips to Alabama, with the exception of the cat.  After we unloaded their stuff in their new bungalow, we went to our favorite pizza place and of course, a trip to Publix.  This time though, they bought our items for us.  I’m officially the mom of grown-ups.

We’re leaving them today to set up their household.  But, our son is just three hours away in Nashville and there’s a new girlfriend to meet.  Oh, and some Christmas gifts he couldn’t take back on the plane.  Maybe we should hold onto this SUV for a while.

How about you?  Did you help haul your children’s stuff to college or new homes?  Do you miss it or are you glad those days are over?  Are there other ways you help your adult children?  I would love to hear.

3 thoughts on “On The Road Again: Seems Like Yesterday

  1. love your post – oh so many moving memories – our next will be helping Lydia move into the condo they bought and is being remodeled as we type. Our hope is to be able to take the baby home to 210 Barkentine!!!

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