Are You Longing For Spring On This Cold Winter’s Day?

A winter storm is hammering a good portion of the country this weekend.  I’ve seen posts on Facebook of  the plans friends have made for the bad weather.  Even my sunny Florida will be cold (but thankfully, not snowy).

On our trip to Scotland last August, we saw so many beautiful flowers.  Most of the castles we visited had gardens overflowing with blooms.  Quaint Scottish towns sported window boxes on their shops and homes.  We saw flowers in the wild, including my favorite, Scottish purple heather.

I didn’t share these photos last summer.  I was waiting for a cold winter’s day when the land was snowy, icy or brown to post this pop of color.  I hope you enjoy this little photo journal as you anticipate the Spring to come.  Stay warm friends!

Lovely spring flowers to brighten your cold winter’s day.  Tweet This!

I loved all of the beautiful flowers we saw in Scotland. Unfortunately, I don’t remember all of their names so I may not have identified them correctly.  You can probably tell I’m partial to hydrangeas. Which flower is your favorite?

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