Help Me Solve The Mother/Son Dance Dilemma

Have you ever been stuck in that rabbit hole called the internet for longer than you intended?  That happened to me a few days ago.  It all started with a search for a song.

One of my closest friends is also a Mother of the Groom.  She has had a while longer to plan.  Although our sons are each getting married a week apart from each other, she got started five months before me.  I remember when she was trying to pick a song for the dance with her son.

She listened to dozens of songs before she made her final selection, which was no surprise to me.  It has been the ringtone for her son for as long as I can remember.

I figured she would be a perfect resource so I used my phone a friend card for help.  She sent me several songs to listen to.  I didn’t get to them right away, but when I had a few minutes several days later I followed up.  Those several minutes turned into hours. 

I listened to so many songs.  Some were too syrupy.  Some were slightly inappropriate. Some were way too long.  There were a couple that had great lyrics and were easy to dance to but they were too country.  My boy is definitely not a country boy even though he lives in Nashville. 

I started to get desperate.  I tried to think about his past, what music, what songs would be a meaningful representation for our dance.

  • I could go way back to Barney, you know, I love you, you love me . . . but that would be too short.
  • Or maybe Lambchop’s the Song That Never Ends . . . . definitely too long.
  • Maybe DC Talk would have something dance-worthy.  I took him to their concerts a few times.
  • I even considered the theme from the James Bond movies which he loved so much.
  • Maybe something from Star Wars or Harry Potter.  We could reenact the Winter Ball scene.
  • He was in a “scream-o” band in high school but I don’t want to give the bride’s family cause for concern.
  • We share a love of classical music — perhaps a waltz or minuet.

I thought I had found the perfect song.  It was by a popular artist, it was a good dance melody.  The lyrics even started out sweet — a son singing about his mom.  Then I realized that his mom had died!  Nope, not going there right now.

So, here’s what I need.  I need a song that’s not too long, not too sappy, not too country, is easy to dance to and conveys the right message.  I want it to be something that says I love you, I’m proud of you, I’m over the moon happy for you, I’ve loved being your mom (most of the time) and I’m always here for you if you need me but you need to go to your wife first. 

If anyone has any suggestions, I’m all ears.  Just comment below.

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