If Walls Could Talk, What Good Things Would They Say?

Sometimes, it’s just hard to leave a place.  Can anyone else relate?  I have to admit, I had a really hard time leaving the condo we rented in Banner Elk for two weeks earlier this month.  I even shed a tear or two.

I recall other times I have wept over leaving a place.  I cried when we moved from the house we built, the one I brought my babies home to.  I cried even though we were just moving across town.  Then, four years ago, I cried when I had to leave the house that was “wedding central” in Birmingham when my daughter and son-in-law got married.  So many happy memories there.

It’s not that anything is inherently special about these abodes.  They are, after all, simply a combination of brick, mortar, cement, wood and tile.  Sure, they were all decorated tastefully and were comfortable to live in but, that’s not what made them special.  It’s what happened within the walls that made those dwellings so special and difficult to leave.

Ahhh, if the walls could talk.

If the walls of our rented condo on a mountain in Banner Elk, North Carolina could talk, here are a few things they might tell you.

They might tell you about:

  • the dozens of times the ever-changing view from the deck was appreciated
  • the early morning quiet times as the sun was rising
  • the happy greetings of friends and family arriving for a visit
  • the hugs and “see you laters” when they departed
  • the birthday celebration for a son and son-in-law entering the last year of his 20’s
  • the young couple quietly working on their pre-marital counseling homework
  • the smell of freshly baked pumpkin, chocolate-chip muffins or soup simmering on the stove
  • the posing for pictures with a beautiful autumn background
  • the young woman working a puzzle with her mother and mother-in-law
  • the men cheering their favorite football teams
  • the two mother-of-the grooms sharing ideas for their son’s upcoming weddings
  • the plans made for trips in the future
  • the bags of “treasures” from the Valle Fair, Woolly Worm Festival and shopping in Blowing Rock
  • the cups of hot tea enjoyed in front of the fireplace
  • the snuggling up in a cozy blanket when the temperatures dipped below 30
  • the mom trying to finish her son’s baby album before his wedding day
  • the quiet stillness after everyone left, when it was just my husband and me  

It was such a sweet, sweet time in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina.  It was a wonderful time to get together with our children, other family and friends.  As we are entering the season of thanksgiving, I am so very grateful for those special two weeks.  My heart is full.

How about you?  Have you ever been sad to leave a place?

6 thoughts on “If Walls Could Talk, What Good Things Would They Say?

  1. Kim, do you drive when you go up to N Carolina? How long is the trip? If you can believe it, we lived in Charlotte for three years and never made it to Blowing Rock..busy, busy, busy..ugh. Anyway..was missing the foliage this year and wondering what a trip like that would look like…and cost..and if the long car trip would be too much on my poor sciatic nerve if we only stayed a week..and is there enough to do if you stay a week.. 😬

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    1. Hey! We do usually drive, it’s about a 12 hour drive for us. Sometimes we get up early and drive all day, sometimes we break it up and spend the night in South Carolina. We have flown to Charlotte and rented a car a couple of times. There is definitely enough to do for a week in the area surrounding Blowing Rock (one of my favorite places). It is right off the Blue Ridge Parkway, perfect for fall foliage. We left last Monday and the color was good. I think it was late this year. Let me know if you if you would like some ideas of places to go and things to do. I hope you get to make the trip!

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      1. I was telling my husband that since we are now back in Fl to stay (God willing) I’d like to at least try to see fall leaves by driving up there maybe once a year. These past months has been so hectic for us that it was only recently that I realized I was feeling kinda glum because I was missing the autumn leaves and Charlotte too.

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  2. Yes. So many times. And then feel glad to see the path to where I’m heading get closer with each passing mile. We have a hard time leaving the beach and its soothing waves and wind. I have a hard time leaving my mother who is 91, each time I visit. I soak in her smile and wave as she stands outside her house waving bye. Those mountains and family are a doozy.

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