Oh Happy Day! When They Said “I Do”

I have a big announcement.  My husband and I are starting the new year with an addition to our  family!  We didn’t adopt and I’m certainly too old to bear a child.  Not a puppy either.  Our son got married last weekend so we have a new daughter-in-law!  She is a wonderful addition to our family.

Merry Christmas Happy Wedding

We spent an incredible week in Nashville, Tennessee celebrating first Christmas, then a wedding.  It was a whirlwind of a week, jam-packed full of gatherings and preparations for the big day.  Then the wedding day itself — so beautiful.  Such a testimony of love.

I have this thing I like to do at weddings.  After all of the bridesmaids, groomsmen and any other participants make their way down the aisle, I stand and turn to look at the bride poised at the end of the aisle with her father.  I get a good look at her and then I turn to look at the groom.  I love to watch the groom’s expression as he sees his bride walking down the aisle towards him.

Can I just tell you, this is an entirely new experience when the groom is your son?

The way the chairs were set up at the venue put me about three feet away from my boy as he stood waiting for his beautiful bride.  I could see the nervous twitch of his fingers and the tears pooling in his eyes.  There was some major lip-biting as it took everything I had to keep my own tears from spilling over.

I felt so many emotions that day.  Actually, all the days and weeks leading up to the wedding.  The foremost being joy.  I was and am so happy for my son.  I’m happy because he is so happy.  This past year, as he dated and fell in love with the young woman who is now his wife, countless people have commented, “we have never seen him happier”. 

When The End Is Just The Beginning

That’s what we want for our children the most, isn’t it?  To be happy, to find someone who they can share their lives with, someone who makes them happier than they’ve ever been? 

There was also a sense of finality, a passing of the torch.  He belongs to her now. He’s not my little boy anymore, but her husband.  They will build a life together and share all of the important things with each other.  That’s exactly how it should be.

There’s something about your adult children finding their mates.  There’s a sense of completeness.  My little nest is truly empty now, but my two children are starting their own nests.  That makes me so happy, relieved even.  If I live to be one hundred or if I die tomorrow, I will be content knowing that they each have someone to go through the adventure of life with.  They each have someone to share all of the joys and trials, good times and difficult, busy and quiet.  They’re going to be ok.

Can you relate?  Have you had your adult children marry? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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