Why Being In The Mountains Is Good For The Soul

Sometimes a change of scenery is just what you need.  My husband and I had to check on some things at my family’s cabin in the mountains of North Carolina this week.  Having been confined to our home in Florida for the past couple of months, it was a welcome break.

Spring is just arriving in the mountains — unlike Florida, where the temperatures are closer to summer.  It was cold when we arrived. A late dusting of snow preceded our visit by just two days.

I could feel my spirits lifting after a few days.  My senses were heightened by new surroundings.  Here are a few of the things that calmed my soul this week in the mountains.


  • The new green leaves of spring on the trees
  • A Robin’s nest with three blue eggs in the bush under our window
  • Flowers of spring blooming
  • A mountain ridge in the distance


  • Water tumbling over rocks in a creek
  •  A symphony of birdsong each morning
  •  The sizzle of bacon frying in a cast iron skillet
  •  Conversations and laughter of people so dear to me


  • My puppy’s soft fur
  • The warmth of a fire in the fireplace
  • The coziness of a sweater on a cool mountain morning
  • Wind blowing through my hair on a drive in the Jeep


  • Freshly mown grass
  • Wood burning in the fireplace
  • The combination of bacon cooking and coffee brewing
  • The smell of dinner in the oven or on the grill


  • The soothing warmth of a hot cup of tea
  • The silky smoothness of homemade chocolate pie
  • The buttery goodness of pound cake
  • The sweet taste of a Vidalia onion on a sandwich with vine-ripened tomatoes and cheddar cheese


  • Reading the word of God
  • Praying, even when I don’t know what to pray

One thing noticeably absent this week has been the steady drone of the news.  We actually went four days without even turning on the television.  When we did, it was to a sports show.  The incessant noise of talk radio in the car was replaced by an oldies station. Pure bliss.

How about you?  What is bringing comfort to your soul during this strange time of pandemic?

12 thoughts on “Why Being In The Mountains Is Good For The Soul

  1. Kim, what a beautiful post! I love your multisensory gratitude journaling. That makes me want to expand my gratitude journaling to include all those precious gifts surrounding us every day that we take for granted. Thank you 💕

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  2. I love your blog this week….I could feel what you were saying through all of my senses!!! I feel, smell, hear, sense Jesus’s presence when I am walking the lakes in the morning!

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  3. Kim, beautiful pictures, especially the chocolate pie (my very favorite). My mom’s were always so beautifully made, especially the meringue. Never learned to make them.
    Tell Jim, I miss seeing him at Britt’s. When are they ever going to open??? Lol Donna Meddick Gorell

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