How My Impatience Caused Me To Miss A Unique Experience

It finally all worked out.  It was the last day of my hometown’s annual air show and I had successfully carved out time to watch the Blue Angels up close. It was to be the grand finale, the highlight of the week.

Sun ‘n Fun Aerospace Expo

My hometown of Lakeland, Florida hosts an air show each year in April.  The show is only second to the one in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  We live a few miles from the airport so sometimes we can see the planes doing their aerobatics from our back yard. We can hear the jets and see them up close when they take a turn over our neighborhood.  It’s not unusual to see some of the action if you’re driving near the airport during the daily air shows.

You can purchase tickets to go to the show where you can see the airplanes up close.  Many people in town find a place to park close to the airport and watch from their cars.  It’s a thrilling sight for sure.

So, on the last day of the airshow this year, a Sunday afternoon, I made my way to a shopping center close to the airport.  I took a water bottle and snack for the wait as well as something to do.  

There were probably 200 people in the parking lot waiting to see the Blue Angels.  Many were sitting in folding chairs they had set up around the retention pond.  Some sat in chairs in the parking lot or in the backs of pickup trucks.  It was definitely a lively crowd.  

I backed into a parking space facing toward the airport and waited.  I checked the event’s website to see if they listed a time for the appearance of the Blue Angels.  All they showed was the time for the entire airshow with the Blue Angels being the last thing.  I was looking at possibly a one to two-hour wait.

Distracted By An Errand

I needed to get a few things from the grocery store before I went back home.  I reasoned that I could drive over to the store, get the few items I needed and get back to the parking lot to see the show.  That way, when it was over, I could go straight home.

I drove across the street to the grocery store and got the things I needed, and then some.  I’ll admit, I got a little distracted and stayed longer than I should have.  As I was paying for my groceries, I heard the roar of the jet engines flying overhead.  Ahhhh, perfect timing.  The show was just starting.  I would be back across the street in plenty of time to catch the remainder.

The jets flew low overhead as I backed into my parking spot.  I settled in to enjoy the show — the first time I had done so in several years.  

Too Late

Imagine my shock and dismay when people all around me started getting into their cars and driving away.  The families sitting by the retention pond folded up their chairs, gathered their children and got into their cars to leave.  I had missed the Blue Angels!  While I was puttering around the grocery store, the jets were wowing the audience with their amazing aerobatics.  The roaring jets I had heard as I was checking out were at the conclusion of the show, not the beginning.

I couldn’t believe I had missed it.  I had been looking forward to seeing the Blue Angels all week and I missed it — and all for a few groceries.  It would be a year before I would have another opportunity.  

I was so upset with myself.  I got to thinking about why I missed something I was so looking forward to.  The only thing I came up with was impatience.  Instead of waiting in my car, no matter how long it took, I thought I had time to fit one quick errand in.  Clearly, I did not.  

Patience, A Fruit Of The Spirit

The Bible talks about the fruits of the Spirit.  These are the characteristics which would indicate that a person was controlled by the Holy Spirit, that they were a believer in Jesus and God.  Patience is one of the fruits of the Spirit.  

I did not exhibit patience that afternoon.  I confess, I am often quite impatient.  I contemplated the other eight fruits of the Spirit and assessed my strengths and weaknesses in each of them, especially in the light of being an empty nest mom.  I’ll share my thoughts with you in another blog post.  I hope you’ll come back next week to read it.  Maybe you’ll relate to one or two.

How about you?  Do you struggle with impatience?  Have you ever missed out on something because you were impatient?  I would love to hear. 

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