Why Perfect Love Is More Than An Emotion

What In The World?

If I am not careful, I can let the worries of this world overtake me.  I can allow my fears to paralyze me and render me useless.  The one thing I believe has helped me the most in dealing with fear is being a student of the Bible.  Years of reading and studying God’s word make it possible to call to mind or receive words of holy encouragement at the appropriate time.  Having the right words brought to my attention when I need them the most is always a thrill!

Recently, I was having one of those days when the events in the world were causing me to fret.  I remember walking into my laundry room and having this verse from the Bible come into my mind:

“Perfect love casts out fear.”  1 John 4:18 (WEB)

I stood there for a moment pondering this welcome intrusion into my thoughts.  I knew it was from God.  “What is perfect love”?  An answer settled in my soul; “It’s not what, it’s who.  Jesus is the perfect love that casts out fear.” 

I thanked the Lord for once again bringing to my remembrance words I had read before; words that reminded me to focus on my Saviour, not the world.

That Was Then, This Is Now

I penned, no, actually typed the above words eight years ago yet they still ring true.

It’s the weekend before Valentine’s Day and I want to write about love but there is sadness and heaviness right now, in the world as a whole but also in my corner of the world. It’s hard to think about love and candy and flowers when your heart is heavy. I don’t know if they celebrate Valentine’s Day in Syria, but if they did, I’m sure it would be tempered by the loss of so many in the recent earthquake. And in my little corner of the world, we will be traveling on Valentine’s Day to attend a memorial service for our son-in-law’s father. Funny, sweet Valentine’s sentiments don’t seem appropriate.

Perhaps you are feeling the same way with the approaching holiday.

It’s All About Him

Here’s where the beauty of 1 John 4:18 comes to focus. No matter what sad, heavy things are going on in your world, Jesus is there and He is the perfect love that casts out fear, about the future, about your health, about your relationships, about anything.

Last year, about this time, I shared ten of my favorite Bible verses about love. Click here to get to that blog post. Perhaps you will find a verse that will speak to you in this season of love.

I pray that you are feeling loved this week, especially by Jesus because He surely does love you.

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