How To Best Fill Your Mom Tank When You Live In An Empty Nest

I love seeing extra cars in my driveway. Do you want to know why? I’ll tell you — extra cars in the driveway mean my kids are home, which makes me very happy.

When Chicks Come Home

Recently, I was on a walk with my dog at the beach.  We walked to our turn-around point, got a treat from the nice people who leave treats out for the neighborhood dogs then headed home.  When we were a couple of blocks from our house, I looked up and noticed three extra cars in our driveway. I had to smile because there is usually only one car in the driveway when my husband and I go to the beach. Extra cars in the driveway meant we had company.

Our daughter was home for a visit and a couple of her friends had joined us for a weekend at the beach.  

She flew home the day before Easter, like a baby bird flying back to its nest. Normally, we drive to the airport to pick her up but since she was staying longer, she rented a car and drove herself home. Our baby is definitely all grown up.

We went to church on Easter Sunday, followed by a nice lunch, but unfortunately, without my mom since she had a bad cold and couldn’t join us. The following week, my daughter accompanied me on my morning walks with my dog Boone before she worked remotely from a local shared workspace. We visited with my mom, tried a new restaurant and she was able to visit a childhood friend while she was in town. It was her second weekend at home that we went to the beach. 

It was a fabulous week but it ended too soon and she had to drive back to the airport for her flight home.  But I was okay. My “mom tank” was full.

Another Visit To Nashville

This past weekend, my husband and I flew to Nashville to visit our son, daughter-in-law, and grandson. We had such a good time with them, as we always do. We accompanied them on Leo’s first soccer game and first trip to the zoo. He’s probably not going to remember any of it but we will and we’ll be able to tell him all about it. I went with him and his Mama to Babies and Books at the local library — such fun!

We also enjoyed sampling delicious breakfast foods from different local coffee shops as well as yummy dinners from baby-friendly establishments. Nashville hands-down has the best food and my bathroom scales can confirm it. My belly is full but once again, so is my “mom tank”.

Making It Work

It isn’t easy living so far away from my two, really four grown children. It’s even more difficult now that there’s a grandbaby in the mix. But, any chance we can, my husband and I make the time and effort to get together with our grown children and now, grandchild. Sometimes it takes a little creativity and extra effort on our part, but it is always worth it. 

My “mom tank” is full now but it seems like it needs to be refilled every six weeks or so. It’s a good thing we have travel plans with our grandson and his parents in just six weeks and two days! That’s another post there — traveling with your grandchild. Stay tuned.

How about you? If you’re an empty-nester, do your children and grandchildren live far away? How do you refill your mom (or dad) tank? I’d love to hear?

2 thoughts on “How To Best Fill Your Mom Tank When You Live In An Empty Nest

  1. Last Tuesday I asked Jonathan if I could keep Colin the next day. He said no, but then he said “okay” at least that’s what Skip and I both thought. Next day I was excitedly waiting for my play date to arrive. When J walked in alone, I asked, where is Colin?? He said, I never said I would bring him. I literally wanted to cry. My whole day was dooms day mood. The next morning I got a text: Mom, would you like Colin today? Well, of course! Everything on my calendar can be changed. Always! Those little arms hugging me Thursday morning filled my tank❤️

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