And So It Begins

After much contemplation and talk, I’m finally doing it! I’m adding my voice to world of blogs. “Why”? you may ask. Well, it has been over a year since my 2 children have “left the nest” and that reality has set in. Now, what do I do?

It’s true. They both graduated from college in May of 2013. My son, with his Master’s degree and my daughter, her Bachelor’s degree. (One week apart from each other, I might add)! They’ve left the nest; flown the coop. Like the 3 little pigs, they have set off to find their fortunes in a far-off land. Okay, that may be a bit dramatic . . .they each decided to stay in their college town. (If I wrote country songs, I would title mine “Mommas, don’t let your babies go to out-of-state universities because they will decide to stay there”). I don’t really blame them, though. Nashville and Birmingham are a bit more exciting for 20-somethings than their real hometown.

But, let me back up a little. I love, love, love being a mom! My first pregnancy back in 1987 ended in a miscarriage. I remember crying on my own mother’s shoulder “I just want to be a mom”! When I was blessed with my babies in 1989 and 1991, I dove into the role with all that I had! We had play dates, trips to the library and to all the theme parks. We took family vacations to the beach and the mountains and more exotic locals as they got older. We were involved in all kinds of activities from church to youth soccer to dance lessons. I was that mom who went to every game, recital, concert and field trip (with the exception of the 7th grade trip to the Waste Management Facility . . .ewwww). I was a room mother and volunteered in the classroom regularly. Being a former teacher, I even worked as a substitute teacher at the school my children attended!

Things started to change about the time my oldest hit his sophomore year of high school. That is when I first began to mourn the swift passing of his childhood. He looked at several colleges his junior year and decided on the University of Alabama (Roll Tide)! Before I could blink, he had graduated from high school and headed off to college. A quick two years later, his little sister followed . . . oddly enough also to Alabama, but a different college. (What is it with my Floridian kids both ending up in Alabama)?! I always enjoyed the times they would come home for their breaks. I even thought that they may come back to their hometown once they finished their education. That’s what you do, right? Silly me. Nope, at least for now, I don’t think that’s going to happen. So, what is a full-time Mom to do?

About the time my children left for college, I noticed a change in me. As I was needed less and less for the hands-on frenzy of parenting young children and teens, I became more introspective. It makes sense. When you aren’t so busy going from one activity to the next, keeping up a household, and making sure everyone is fed, you have time to think. Thinking led to the idea of writing so here I go!

Some of my thoughts are just that, my thoughts. Other things that come to my mind are more random and unexpected. I truly believe that those thoughts are placed in my mind by God. It is my desire in this blog to put into writing some of the thoughts I have been given and share them with anyone who might be interested. I am excited to be able to put the thoughts racing around my mind into words! I hope you enjoy what I have to share.

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