A New Season

“Is there really any time better than the cusp of fall? Hopefully the weather will take note and the sun will shine golden through the large loft windows as we promise our lives to one another”.

These are the opening lines on the website my daughter and son-in-law set up for their recent wedding.  My girl has a way with words.

It’s true . . . they pledged their lives to one another in the waning days of summer with the sun shining through large loft windows.  And they began the grand adventure of married life in the earliest days of autumn.

I drove from their hometown to mine on the last day of summer.  I had to drive by their apartment one more time.  One more prayer.  One more look at my daughter’s apartment.   When I visit again, I will not be visiting my daughter but a young, married couple. 

The trees lining their street were beginning to show the slightest change from green to yellow and as I drove along, a slight breeze caused a few leaves to float gently to the ground.  A new season is coming.  I can sense it. 

It is fitting that my first day home was the first day of fall.   Just as a marriage ushers in a new season for the newlywed couple, it also signals a new season for their parents.  I appreciate my daughter’s timing in planning her wedding for this time of year.

It is always bittersweet to say goodbye to the long, lazy, fun-filled days of summer.  But, then, autumn follows with brisk days that invite us to get cozy.  All of nature is clad in vibrant jewel tone colors and the tastes and smells of apple, pumpkin and spices abound.  It is a time of gathering for family and friends.  Autumn is a rich season.

So, as I look forward to this new calendar season,  I will also savor and embrace this new season in my life.   A pumpkin spice latte and my new blanket should help.

For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heave

Ecclesiastes 3:1



4 thoughts on “A New Season

  1. Absolutely! A beautiful blanket and latte and yes, you will embrace this new season in your life and it will be great my dear friend. A new chapter begins.


  2. Kim, you also have a way with words. 🙂 So, we know where your daughter might have gotten that trait! 🙂 It’s fun to slip into the fall season. Have a good day!


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