A “Beary” Unusal Day

I am writing this post from the mountains of North Carolina.  Yes, I am one of those Floridians who travel north to soak in the beautiful colors of autumn.  In central Florida, we have green, brown and in the spring, an explosion of color.  Not much in the way of fall colors and definitely no crisp fall temperatures.  Those won’t come with any consistency for a month or so.  For the record, it was 62 degrees today and I was cold.

  I already had bears on my mind when a good friend posted this meme on Facebook. 12122808_10206185222602696_9036404810822284378_n (1)

When we arrived at Skyleaf Villas yesterday, the condominium unit had a bear warning sheet along with their other instructions.

Then, when I was having my quiet time this morning, one of the Bible verses I read was Lamentations 3:10

He is to me as a bear lying in wait . . .


Finally, when my husband and I were leaving my parents’ cabin, a black bear ran across our driveway!  In our 20 or so years of visiting this area, we have never seen a bear in the wild.  The closest we have come to a bear sighting was when we saw Mildred the bear on top of Grandfather Mountain.  The scary thing is I had  let my dog out to take care of his business and my husband had been moving something from the garage to the car minutes before the bear dashed across the driveway in front of our car.   That was too close for comfort.

I wonder if bears will dance in my dreams tonight

5 thoughts on “A “Beary” Unusal Day

  1. Kim, I think I’d be beary happy to be up there with the bears. Beats setting up a new computer, learning “10”, feeling brain “dead” as I fill out a Cover Design Info Form, and cry in my Coke. 🙂 Oops, I just discovered I filled my glass up with ice, put the top on, and forgot to add Coke. (Sigh). Told you I was brain dead! Hope you had a great time watching the bears!


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