A Bit of Inspiration

Do you want to do good in this world of ours but you’re too overwhelmed to know where to begin?  I may have a solution to your problem.

I just finished reading a wonderful book by Karen Ehman entitled

 Listen, Love, Repeat

Other-Centered Living in a Self-Centered World


It is a refreshingly honest book full of anecdotes, scripture, prayers and practical advice to help you become more “other-centered”.    She talks about listening for “heartdrops” from God, little nudges He gives us as we encounter  people  in our lives.  Little glimpses of how we can encourage them and show the love of Christ.  They could be family members, the necessary people in our lives, the lonely and unloved or even the people we come in contact with that are just, well, difficult.  Karen reminds us that Jesus most often ministered to the one standing right in front of him.

She tackles the question we all ask ourselves, “why am I here”,  and points out that it is not such a difficult question to answer.  (You will have to read the book for yourself to find out).  She discusses the importance of relationship, community and hospitality.  All of this is done through story-telling, passages from the Bible and quotes from famous authors.  The book is both practical and inspiring.

The first chapter is titled Living Alert and the last Scatter Kindness.  Those two chapter titles alone are good reminders.   Don’t miss all of the good content in between!  She even includes a few recipes in the back of the book in case you need a jump-start to your scattering of kindness.  I want to try the pumpkin bread recipe myself.

In addition to this heartfelt book, Karen Ehman has developed a Bible Study and DVD to go along with it.  This would be great  for anyone involved in women’s ministries, from church groups to in-home Bible studies.  It would be a great tool to help encourage women in their lives.

Karen is a New York Times bestselling author, a writer for the online devotional Encouragement for Today and a Proverbs 31 Ministries speaker.  Find out more about her latest book Listen, Love, Repeat here.

I have an extra copy of Listen, Love, Repeat  AND a copy of the Bible study and DVD I can give one lucky reader.  Since Thanksgiving is in a few days, respond on my blog with one Thanksgiving tradition or food you love and I will draw the name of a responder from the hat.  I will announce the winner the week after Thanksgiving!

Thank you for reading my blog and please, do yourself a favor and go buy Karen Ehman’s newest book.  karen-ehman



13 thoughts on “A Bit of Inspiration

  1. We do not have a traditional food item, but our first Thanksgiving meal as a married couple was to be shared with both of our parents. We wanted to make an impression. While making the dressing my husband thought adding canned smoked oysters would enhance the flavor. If one can was good, why not two? The pungent odor that permeated the house was enough to send all of us outside. Needless to say, we impressed everyone!


  2. My father’s family comes from the coast in Medart, FL. Our family gatherings are held on the family tree farm and our dinner tradition is fried mullet, smoked mullet, backbone red roe, oysters and oyster stew along with the usual trimmings. After eating, we talk and take the traditonal walk around the property, then have a bonfire. roast marshmellows, semores (cannot spell right) and tell stories about or families. To my knowledge, we have only had a turkey when my mom (Raye) baked a small turkey for those she thought would not like fish. It is funny when you tell others what we have for Thanksgiving dinner and they said that they would like to come eat with us.


  3. I am from the south and grew up having fruit salad every Thanksgiving. Straight from the 60’s – canned fruit, whipped cream, jello powder and marshmellows, you know, the healthy kind 😉. This year, since all the kids are grown, I thought I would make a real fruit salad, with big chunks of fresh fruit – yummy! I just happened to mention this to our kids tonight and wouldn’t you know it, they threw a fit! They are insisting that I make it the way I always have. I guess some traditions are just hard to break! 😊


  4. I grew up having your typical 1960’s fruit salad every Thanksgiving. You know the one, canned fruit, whipped cream, jello powder and marshmellows. Very healthy 😉. I continued to make this for my family every year. This year since the kids are all grown, I decided to make a more adult fruit salad, with chunks of yummy fresh fruit and no extras. I happened to mention this to my kids last night and they threw a fit! They are insisting that I make the old favorite! I guess some traditions just can’t be changed 😊.


  5. Giveaway–Yay!! My favorite Thanksgiving food is the leftovers. I spread a little cranberry sauce on a roll, then pile it up with cold turkey. It’s worth cooking the turkey just for that!


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