Celebrating The Milestones: A Five-Year Anniversary Wish

Where Does The Time Go?

Time surely flies.  I can’t believe it’s been five years already! Five years since my daughter and son-in-law got married.  It doesn’t seem that long ago.

For that matter, it doesn’t seem like that long ago she was turning five years old or entering the fifth grade. Yet, here she is, a young woman, married half a decade.

I have such fond memories of her wedding day.  It was a beautiful, fun, joy-filled day.  All of the planning of the previous year came together in a most perfect way.  I smiled until my cheeks hurt.  I laughed and danced with joy.  When it was over, I cried more than I had in a long time — partly because the event was over and partly because a chapter in both of our stories was over.

Anniversaries Past

I remember mine and my husband’s fifth anniversary well.  I was days from giving birth to our first child, a son.  There wasn’t much in the way of celebrating that year.  Too many last minute baby preparations and simply not feeling very festive at nine months pregnant.

For the next decade or so, our wedding anniversary took a backseat to birthday parties.  Of course, we always properly celebrated the big ones like the 10th, 20th, 25th, 30th and 35th. (Why do you suppose five-year increments are so significant?)

The Cycle Continues

There are no babies on the way for my daughter just yet.  She and her husband are living and working in an urban area and exploring the world around them, although this year they’ve had to stick closer to home.  They’re still early in their marriage — still learning how to live with one another; juggling life, work, friends, family and cats.  It’s an ongoing process.  I suppose it’s that way for any marriage, no matter the length.

So, Happy Anniversary sweet girl of mine (my best girl in the whole world).  I wish you many more fun, fulfilling, blessed years with your love.  I’ll be cheering you on and lifting up prayers for you from my empty nest.

I wrote a couple of blog posts right after my daughter’s wedding.  If you would like to read them, just click here, here, or here.

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